Are you better connected to your job than to your partner?

by Peter Magee on November 22, 2011

Peter Magee
“The instability of marriages and other relationships has been one of the hallmarks of the last quarter of the 20th century” according to a publication of the Australian Institute of Family Studies titled “Diversity and Change in Australian Families: Statistical Profiles”. This study found that between 32% and 46% of all Australian marriages end in divorce, depending on the method of estimation.

With such a high rate of divorce, one wonders about the possible causes of marriage breakdown.

There is no doubt that with technological advances, and with more and more Australians using smart phones, ipads, laptops, and the like, we are remaining connected to our work even after we have left the office.  NorthgateArinso, an HR software company, surveyed 500 white-collar workers and found that two thirds of them continued to work while on holiday, whilst a third worked while commuting to and from work.

Could this mean that we are losing the work life balance which, in turn, has a detrimental effect on our personal life, and contributing to marriage breakdown? Is staying connected to work 24/7 good for us? Is technology negatively affecting the time we spend at home with our loved ones? Is technology turning us into a nation of divorcees and workaholics?

Whilst I am not arguing that the increasing use of technology is the leading cause of divorce, it may be one of the contributors. So next time you take your work on holidays, weekends, romantic weekends away, consider the potential consequences this may have on your spouse or partner, short term and long term. The generations before us survived without their ipads smart phones and laptops, so why can’t we put them away on weekends?

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