AVOs for kids who bully

by Peter Magee on July 10, 2010

The Daily Telegraph has recently reported the comments of a child psychologist, Dr John Irvine who expressed concern over the number of AVOs brought on behalf of children. He said “It can have devastating effects in the long term.”

“The best advice for parents is to stay out of it but go to the school.” he went onto say that Australia was breeding a generation of wimps because ‘precious parents’ were intervening before kids had the opportunity to learn basic coping skills.

Under special circumstances personal AVOs can be sought against children under the age of ten if the Court is satisfied that the child knew their behaviour was wrong.

In January, statistics showed there were 613 children protected from other children by AVOs.

If you have concerns in relation to bullying or the violence involving your child please contact our office to discuss the situation. Our initial consultation will be free of charge if you decide not to proceed with any further action beyond that appointment.

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