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Are You a Helicopter Parent?

by Kate Marr on November 17, 2016

Kate Marr

An article published on the website “Kidspot” describes a parent as a “helicopter parent” if you respond “yes” to any three of the below statements:

  • You insist on school drop-off and pick-up – in year 12;
  • You have a better friendship with your kids’ friends than they do;
  • You give your child a phone to text you when they arrive
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What is Child Inclusive Process Mediation?

by Peter Magee on November 16, 2016

Zoe Durand

You may have heard the phrase “child inclusive process mediation” before. This may sound quite daunting as you seek to protect your children from involvement in your separation.

Child inclusive process mediation (CIP) brings the voice, views, feelings and needs of children to the forefront via child consultants who interview children as part of the mediation process. According to Jennifer … Read more

Can Parenting Orders Be Varied?

by Anne-Louise Pham on November 15, 2016

Anne-Louise Pham

In circumstances where there are existing Orders in relation to the care of your child, the Orders may only be varied by a Court, after formal application has been made by a party. This is because once Final Orders have been made, they are deemed to be legally enforceable until the child is 18 years of age. Orders may be … Read more

Grandparents After Separation

by Natasha Heathcote on November 12, 2016

Natasha Heathcote

It is without doubt that a special bond can exist between grandparents and grandchildren. When that bond exists, grandparents generally want to spend as much time as possible with their grandchildren and, of course, spoil them.

It is quite common for grandparents to assist their children and grandchildren by collecting them from school at least once a week and joining … Read more

How Many Extra Curricular Activities Are Too Many?

by Peter Magee on November 10, 2016

Byron Leong

Do you think that your child attending intensive math tutoring or mandarin lessons on a weekend is excessive? OR

Is it ok for your child to engage in school and extracurricular activities from morning until night?

Most of us are likely to answer “yes” to the above questions when they are viewed through more western values however, the answer may … Read more

Mother Permitted to Relocate With Child

by Rhiannon Noble on November 6, 2016

Rhiannon Noble

In Timms & Payton [2015] FCCA 3324 (18 December 2015) His Honour Judge Altobelli heard the Respondent Mother’s interim Application for her to relocate to a town in New South Wales, in excess of two hours from the Applicant Father’s residence, with their 11 year old daughter.

In August 2014, the parties entered into consent Orders that provided for them … Read more

Am I Ever Going To See My Child Again?

by Kate Marr on November 1, 2016

Kate Marr

It is an unimaginable thought to try to comprehend not being able to see their child or children for an indefinite period, sometimes for a number of years. This however, for some, is the reality. At times a child could be taken away to live with a third party or parent, with or without both parents consent. If that child … Read more

Rhiannon Noble

It is not unusual to have parents residing in different jurisdictions following their separation. However, when there is a dispute as to which jurisdiction and with which parent the child should live with, it raises two very important questions for the Court to consider:

  • Firstly, which country is the appropriate forum to commence Court proceedings in, i.e. Australia or the
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Can you control a child’s social media exposure?

by Kate Marr on October 19, 2016

Kate Marr

We all have friends who tend to clog up our Facebook newsfeed with photos of their child. Whilst that parent is obviously very proud that their child smiled, has a new outfit, ate something or went to the toilet that day, (despite my sarcasm) Facebook and other social media outlets has become an effective way to let all your family … Read more

Anne-Louise Pham

Ordinarily the Court will assume that the parties before the Court are the parents of the child to which the dispute concerns. However, sometimes in family law proceedings there is disagreement or uncertainty about the parentage of the child. Parentage can be important not only for Orders in relation to the child, but also for issues such as child support … Read more