Dad Wins Case When Twins Won’t Take Job

by Peter Magee on October 31, 2014

Peter Magee

In an article published in the Telegraph, Court Reporter Padraic Murphy reports “Dad wins case when twins won’t take jobs”.

Murphy reports: “Twins who refused to work while they went to university have been stripped of some of the child maintenance paid by their father.”

The pair of twins aged 20 even refused a well paid offer of work organised by their father because it involved menial tasks such as delivering documents and making coffee.

The divorced man took the case to the Federal Circuit Court arguing he should no longer have to pay maintenance for the twins to his former wife simply because they did not want to work.

Prior to the Order being made by the Court, the father had been paying $1,250 per month to assist the twins until they completed their university studies.

Murphy reports that the Court heard that one of the twins had told his father he was not interested in work and wanted to continue to study full time at university to get good marks.  However the Judge found the evidence was not believable and in particular that they would continue to study during the holidays rather than work.

Murphy reports that the Respondent Mother for the twins argued that maintenance should continue because of the twin’s study. The father was successful in having the payments reduced from $1,250 per month down to $1,000 per month. This is however not a significant decrease in child support payments and certainly shows that the Judge did not accept that the children should be wholly self sufficient during their university years.

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