Department of Immigration Investigates Married Couple After Alleged Migration Fraud

by Kate Marr on November 18, 2013

Kate Marr

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported on 18 September 2013 about businesswoman Helen Liu, a Labour Party donor and benefactor to Federal MP Joel Fitzgibbon, facing possible prosecution in respect of an investigation that is ongoing in respect to her alleged migration fraud.

It is reported that the Immigration Department reactivated their investigation into Ms Liu and her former Chinese boyfriend, whereby it is alleged that in order for them to obtain permanent residency in Australia, Ms Liu and her Chinese boyfriend each married an Australian couple identified as “Ms Clague” and “Mr Shultz”. Ms Clague married Ms Liu’s then boyfriend and Ms Liu married Mr Shultz.

It is further reported that the supposed married couples never spent a night together. Ms Clague also had two of her three children with Mr Shultz while she was married to Mr Liu’s then boyfriend.

The Australian couple later wed.

The Department of Immigration is investigating the allegations of migration fraud to ensure the integrity of the migration system is upheld. Parties involved in fraud could be imprisoned or have their citizenship revoked.

Further, the parties involved, if validly married, would also be within the Family Court jurisdiction in respect of property settlement matters at the time that their marriage broke down.

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