Determining Case Strategy – Bullying, Manipulation & Control Over Finances

by Peter Magee on May 28, 2013

Peter Magee

A common feature in nearly all of my matters is that the dynamics of the marital or de facto relationship tend to continue well after the relationship has ended. This has a significant impact on the way family law matters are conducted at Armstrong Legal because that unique dynamic is taken into consideration in determining case strategy.

So many of my clients instruct me in both parenting and property matters that their former spouse or de facto partner is continuing to behave in the exact same manner they did throughout the relationship. This behaviour often includes bullying and manipulation or, an attempt to exercise entire control over finances. This is because while the relationship has ended, it is not likely that the parties to that relationship have changed their ways at all. Often, the stress of the relationship breakdown even heightens negative characteristics that were displayed throughout the relationship.

When a client first comes to see me and describes the dynamics of that relationship, we discuss the fact that engaging a specialist family lawyer to communicate with the former spouse or de facto partner will be the first step in changing that dynamic and correcting the power imbalance of the relationship. Once that power imbalance is corrected by the specialist family lawyer, we find that negotiations can be conducted on an even playing field regardless of what dynamics may have existed throughout the relationship.

It is important to identify when going through separation what dynamics exist in your relationship to discuss with your family lawyer a unique strategy for conducting your matter.

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