Divorce Risk for Couples Sharing Housework

by Peter Magee on October 19, 2012

Peter Magee

Ninemsn published an article on Friday 28 September 2012 called “Divorce Risk for Couples Sharing Housework”.

The article discussed findings which suggest that there is a link between divorce rates and sharing housework. In particular the study found that couples who share housework have higher rates of divorce than couples where there is a more traditional division of labour with the woman completing most of the household chores.

The Norwegian study found that “the more a man does in the home, the higher the divorce rate”. However, Thomas Hansen co-author of the study concluded that it is not necessarily the housework itself which is divorce, but rather that couples where men conduct housework are likely to be “modern couples” and that “in these modern couples, women also have a high level of education and a well paid job, which makes them less dependent on their spouse financially, and more able to separate. However Hansen also suggested the blurring of division of labour between the sexes may also be causing some tension in the relationship: where one person is not stepping on the others toes”.

The study also suggested that women who are in a more “traditional” relationship where they are the homemaker and the husband is the breadwinner are equally happy in their overall happiness to those who are in women who work and are in “a modern” couple.

Ultimately there can be many causes for the breakdown of a relationship and usually it is impossible to isolate one sole cause. A number of factors may account for why families where the housework is being shared separate, such as the fact that such couples may be under more stress given that both parties work and they may be short on time to spend at home with their family.

However this does not necessarily mean that women who perform all of the housework and do not earn an income are any happier or less happy relationships than women who do work. Rather it is probably true that those that are working have the financial means to leave the relationship hence the higher divorce rate.

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