Domestic Violence. Should you report it?

by Peter Magee on August 6, 2010

Your partner came home in a terrible mood again last night and in the argument that ensued, you were really afraid for your physical safety and for the effect the behaviour was having on your children.

Domestic violence is a scourge on our society which eats at the core of any family it affects.  It is universally accepted that domestic violence is grossly unreported. I often see spouses who refuse to report domestic violence to the police because they’re worried about what the police will do.

It’s a valid concern because in fact the police are bound to act on a domestic violence report. Under current NSW legislation the police must seek an apprehended domestic violence order (ADVO) to protect the person who made the complaint.  This can set in motion a chain of events which ultimately leads to the breakdown of the family unit.

So reporting domestic violence can be a very difficult decision for victims to make, even when they’ve realised that their relationship is never going to work.

The NSW Department of Justice has recently released a booklet on this topic titled “Your Court Your Safety.” It explains the legal process for domestic violence and tells you about the support that’s available.

If you are in a relationship that involves domestic violence it is important that you seek help.

If you’d like to talk confidentially to a lawyer, call me on 9261 4555. My team of lawyers is familiar with the latest developments in family law and I can arrange for one of them to meet you for a discussion about your situation without any costs or obligation.

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