Domestic violence. When a man is a victim.

by Peter Magee on August 14, 2010

Following my recent blog in relation to the issue of domestic violence there has been ongoing research in relation to this issue in both Australia and overseas.

The most current Australian research indicates that domestic violence is under-reported by both men and women, although by far the majority of reports of domestic violence made to the police are made by women. At first blush this has formally lead to the conclusion that men are more likely to be perpetrators than victims of domestic violence. The most recent research indicates that’s not necessarily true. What the research concludes is that men and women are victims of domestic violence in approximately equal proportions, however when women are the victims, the consequences are far more severe than when men are the victims.

This position appears to be reflected in a recent article in the United States appearing in the Jersey Evening Post on 26 July 2010. The article reports that victim support groups are seeing more and more men asking for help. A campaign has been launched there targeting men who are victims of domestic violence to raise awareness for the support available to them.

As a matter of law there is no distinction drawn between the sex of the offender or victim in any of the legislation or case law. All of the remedies available in the criminal, civil and family courts apply equally to both sexes.

If you are in need of advice in relation to domestic violence please do not hesitate to contact our specialist family law team for assistance. We can meet with you confidentially without obligation to discuss your situation.

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