India’s ‘Ice-Cream’ Award

by Michelle McDermott on September 9, 2013

Michelle McDermott

From the ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction’ file comes a story from India where a wife has been awarded an extra $2.50 per week in spousal maintenance so that she can enjoy her favourite sweet treat!

Nine MSN have reported on a story from India Today where a successful businessman has been ordered to pay just over $1,300 a month in spousal maintenance PLUS an extra $2.50 for ice-cream. The businessman had reportedly complained during the Mumbai Family Court proceedings that his former wife had wasted his money on ice-cream during their 23 year marriage.

Many, if not most, experienced family lawyers are able to regale a story or two of the sometimes curious quirks that once-enamoured couples end up fighting over. For mine, I know of cases where fairly mundane items such as toasters, coffee machines and a favourite doona cover have been argued over. Whilst working in the UK, I was involved in a matter where even the garbage bins were a hotly contested item – I kid you not!!

There are also stories where Judges have taken their own initiative in breaking the inconceivable impasse. In Melbourne quite a few years back, one Judge was hearing a case where the parties could not decide who should have the family’s coffee machine. The Judge was so taken aback, a trip down to Myer in the Bourke Street Mall was arranged during the lunchtime break. The Judge returned to the bench after the adjournment to place a new coffee machine before the parties. Needless to say, there were a number of red faces sitting in that particular courtroom.

Here at Armstrong Legal, we would never encourage clients to argue over something so petty as a coffee machine, unless of course, is the latest ‘state of the art’ Delonghi………….

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