Man Kidnapped And Forced To Divorce Wife

by Peter Magee on April 26, 2013

Peter Magee

It in article titled “Rabbi and wife kidnapped man to force divorce: FBI” published on 19 July 2011 the Sydney Morning Herald reported that “A rabbi and his wife have surrendered to the FBI on charges they abducted an Israeli man, beat him and threatened to bury him alive if he didn’t give his wife a religious divorce.”

In the case against David and Judy Wax in the US Federal Court it is alleged that the victim refused to give his wife a “get”- an Orthodox Jewish divorce document permitting a wife to remarry in Israel’s Rabbinical Court.

The article states “According to the FBI complaint, the victim was lured to the Wax home to discuss opportunities for the victim to work on a book the rabbi was writing.” Once in the home, the victim was allegedly bound, robbed, shown a body bag and told he would be buried alive in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains if he did not agree to the divorce.

However Mr Wax’s solicitor states that he is confident his client will be “cleared of these charges” and also states that his client has “no history of criminal behaviour”.

In Australia neither party is dependent on the other party to give them a divorce. A party is free to unilaterally divorce their spouse provided that 12 months have passed since the parties separated. Separation can even include being separated under the “one roof”.

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