More mums paying child support to stay-at-home dads

by Peter Magee on May 6, 2011

Peter MageeAn article titled “More Mothers Paying Child Support” was published in The Age on 11 March 2011.  This article talks about how women are increasingly paying child support to fathers.

The article says that more than 50,000 fathers are registered with the Child Support Agency as full time custodial parents and just over 100,000 women are paying child support.

This shift in payment patterns of child support reflects the general social trend of women’s incomes increasing over time.

The article also reported that some women say they feel a social stigma attached to the fact that they are not the primary carer and pay child support.  This suggests that social reality regarding gender roles and the family has actually moved faster than social attitudes.

In reality there are families where mum earns more money than Dad and Dad is the primary carer, However, people’s expectations are that they still expect families to take the shape of Dad as breadwinner and Mum as homemaker.

As this social reality continues, it is likely that such attitudes will also change with time.

Certainly at Armstrong Legal while the majority of new client enquiries we receive involve a mother who has been a primary carer or a father who has been the breadwinner, we do see cases where Dad is the primary carer of the children and Mum has focused on earning the income for the family.

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Wilma March 26, 2012 at 2:10 pm

I think that Zoe should have also added to her article relating to article in the newspaper, The Age, stated:
“Figures released by the Child Support Agency show that just over 100,000 women were paying maintenance in December last year, accounting for 13.3 per cent of all parents registering their payments through the agency.”

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