Parents Outraged Over School’s Anti Same Sex Marriage Talk

by Kate Marr on October 9, 2016

Kate Marr

The media gave much attention to the same – sex debate leading up to the federal election, and the topic has again been ignited due to the current government being scrutinised by the proposition of a plebiscite, using tax payer’s money to fund campaigns for both sides. Is this a topic though that should be promoted in a primary school?

On 8 June 2016, the Illawarra Mercury reported that a Wollongong school, promoted an anti same – sex marriage talk. A flyer emailed to parents of children attending St Therese Catholic School invited them to a talk held by the Australian Family Association. The flyer made statements including:

  • “Natural marriage must be defended in Australia before it is too late”
  • “Same – sex marriage will affect everyone”
  • “Extreme gender idealology imposed on everyone”
  • “Children denied their mother or father”

Rightfully so, there were many people extremely offended by the flyer and the talk organised to raise awareness of the “impacts of same sex ‘marriage’”. Others however were reportedly to be intrigued and sought to hear arguments in support of “natural marriage between a man and a woman”.

Notwithstanding it not legal for a same sex couple to be married in Australia, the law has adapted to recognise same sex couples, and provide certain rights to enter into Financial Agreements, and seek court orders in the event of a relationship breakdown. Pursuant to the Family Law Act same sex couples are able to seek orders in relation to property adjustment and orders to spend time with their children. There are many family structures within our community and ultimately no person should be treated differently on account of their sexuality.

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