Sperm Donor or Dad?

by Kerry White on February 21, 2014

Kerry White

Doing a friend a favour could cost you…………

A US court has held that a man who provided sperm to a lesbian couple and who had entered into a contract to the effect that he would not have any financial obligation towards the support of the child, is the child’s parent and as such responsible for the financial support of the child. The man could not ‘contract out’ of his parental obligations and the fact that the parties referred to him as a ‘sperm donor’ was insufficient to qualify him at law to the protections offered to ‘sperm donors’ operating through the formal artificial insemination processes.

Whilst this is a US case, the law in this area in Australia is also complex.The moral is better safe than sorry. Call us on (02) 9261 4555 to arrange an appointment for legal advice before providing your genetic material to friends.

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