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Airport Watch List

What is the Airport Watch List?

by Peter Magee on April 28, 2016

Anne-Louise Pham

Under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (“the Act”), it is an offence to take a child outside of Australia without the consent of the other parent, where there are parenting Orders in place or parenting proceedings on foot, unless the current Orders provide allow for such travel to take place (see section 65Y and 65Z of the Act).

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Peter Magee

The Herald Sun recently reported that an American filmmaker had made a fictional feature film named after his 11 year old daughter who went missing with her mother while in America during a custody battle over 10 years ago. The filmmaker, Brozzi Lunetta, believed that his daughter, Reya, was in hiding with her mother in Australia. Mr Lunetta hoped that … Read more