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Could your marriage be annulled?

by Peter Magee on August 16, 2011

Peter MageeWhat happens if you get married under duress? Under what circumstances can you get out of your marriage vows without having to follow the time-consuming divorce process?

A court in Sydney recently found that a marriage between two people was void because the husband was under such duress when he married, that his consent was not real consent.  The husband … Read more

Husband seeks annulment due to wife’s fake fortune

by Peter Magee on October 15, 2010

For centuries wedding vows have contained the term “for richer, for poorer”.  For most people those terms refer to the couples’ future financial fortunes.  That was not the interpretation a husband recently tried to apply to his vows when he found out that his wife’s wealth was significantly less than he had believed.

He made an application to the Family … Read more