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arranged marriage

Michelle McDermott

In a rare insight into arranged or forced unions in suburban Australia, a couple of months back the Federal Circuit Court determined arrangements for a 6 year old girl. Using some of the strongest language this writer has read in a Judgment, Judge Joe Harman described the little girl’s father (known by the pseudonym ‘Mr Essey’) as “a most heinous, … Read more

Forced marriage. Yes, it happens here.

by Peter Magee on April 2, 2012

Peter Magee

In an article by Caroline Overington, published in the Weekend Australian on 11 February 2012, “The Wedding Vow”, the issue of forced marriage in relation to children is discussed.

A large portion of the article focuses on an interview Overington had with Dr Emran Sharobeen, who herself was promised to her cousin from the age of 14 years.

Among … Read more

Australian court prevents arranged marriage

by Peter Magee on December 13, 2011

Peter Magee

The Marriage Act specifies that a person is of marriageable age in Australia if the person has attained the age of 18 years. There are limited circumstances in which minors who are 16 years of age and over can apply to the Court for an order authorising him or her to marry a particular person despite the fact that the … Read more