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Child Custody

Karen Devey

In the recent Federal Circuit Court judgment of Cartland & Cartland [2014], Judge Terry found the Respondent Mother to have contravened the parties’ Parenting Orders by not facilitating their two children, aged 11 and 12, to spend time with the Applicant Father as provided for by the Orders.

Her Honor heard that on at least 8 occasions, the parties met … Read more

Peter Magee

I have found myself sitting across the table from clients and potential clients, often fathers, who wonder how their estranged partner (their former wife or girlfriend) can get away with withholding their children from them and making the most horrid accusations against them without proper evidence. It takes a while for the Court to hear a matter on a final … Read more

Drama Queen Wife Loses Custody Case

by Peter Magee on December 26, 2012

Peter Magee

In an article published by the Daily Telegraph on 17 December 2012 titled “Drama queen wife loses custody case”, Janet Fife-Yeomans reports that a “mother who claimed her husband has been sexually abusing himself in front of their three children lost custody of them.”

Fife-Yeomans reports how a detective who investigated the claims said in a confidential email that … Read more

Trend of fathers spending more time with children

by Kate Marr on September 14, 2012

Kate Marr

A recent article titled “Fathers want more time with children” published by CCH on 30 August 2012, speaks about the increasing trend of fathers seeking more flexible employment arrangements, that gives them increased opportunity to spend more time with their children rather than earning a higher income.

Traditionally, it could be argued, that women primarily take on the … Read more

Judge writes letter to children in custody battle

by Peter Magee on June 9, 2012

Peter Magee

In an article called “I knew your mum would look after you: judge” by Emily O’Keefe, in the Herald Sun on 7 June 2012, Emily O’Keefe reports that a Federal Magistrate Altobelli has taken the unusual step of writing a personal letter to two children explaining why he gave sole custody of them to their mother.

The letter was … Read more