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Chinese family law

But I Don’t Really Own That Property

by Peter Magee on October 23, 2016

Byron Leong

Australia has seen an increase in Chinese families moving to Australia to live from China, therefore an increase in separation of Chinese immigrant couples. Separations involving Chinese immigrants often have the complexity of assets in China. Not only are there assets in China but there may be the issue of who truly owns them.

Chinese families have a history where … Read more

The Cultural Divide – Where am I?

by Peter Magee on July 22, 2016

Byron Leong

My parents immigrated to Australia from China in the 1950’s and I grew up in a time when travelling back to China for a holiday was a once in life time affair.   The Lonely Planet Guide, the internet, the increase in international students studying in Australia, the increase in international business, cheaper international travel have all contributed to the fact … Read more