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Non-compliance to Court Orders

by Kate Marr on January 8, 2016

Kate Marr

Court orders often do not just set out in detail who the children live with and spend time with during the school terms, but also the parenting arrangments on significant occassions and during school holiday periods.

For some families, the routine is well settled and may or may not be set out in court orders. For other families, separation may … Read more

What’s on in Sydney these holidays?

by Peter Magee on December 23, 2015

Peter Magee

So much! There’s the Santa Fest at Darling Harbour, musicals like Matilda and the 3 Little Pigs (not my favourite choice of a fun night out, but to each their own), Carols at Churches all over Sydney (always lovely), kids’ film festival and the Great Paper plane Race (sounds awesome to me)! With all of these things to do over … Read more

Christmas Day Orders

by Kate Marr on December 18, 2012

Kate Marr

Christmas Day is often a day celebrated with families, and a lot of children may be sharing their day in between their separated parent’s homes. For some separating parents, they may already have in place a Court Order in respect to how the child or children’s time is to be spent between them on Christmas Day and/or during the Christmas … Read more

Where will the children spend Christmas?

by Peter Magee on December 10, 2010

Peter Magee
Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill, a time when families get together to celebrate in accordance with their faith, exchange gifts, enjoy each other’s company and (sometimes) eat a little more than we should. Unfortunately, as family lawyers know only too well, Christmas can instead be a battle ground, where warring parents fight over their … Read more