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To Give the Gift of Life (Surrogacy)

by Natasha Heathcote on May 20, 2016

Natasha Heathcote

Surrogacy is a growing field in our modern world of technology. There are many ways in which persons can have a family, naturally, IVF, foster care, adoption and surrogacy.

For someone else to assist you in having a family is immeasurable.

Surrogacy laws are state based and in NSW are governed by the Surrogacy Act 2010 and via the Supreme … Read more

Indian Law Dashes Surrogacy Hopes

by Peter Magee on March 7, 2013

Peter Magee

Until recently India has been an incredibly popular destination for Australian couples wishing to produce a child through surrogacy. It has a thriving surrogacy industry, so much so that the Australian High Commission in India has published online a guide as to how new parents through surrogacy in India may obtain citizenship for their child. The primary reason for India’s … Read more