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Michelle McDermott

Over the years I have noticed an increasing prevalence of children meeting with mental health professionals following their parents’ separation. Sometimes it is because the children ask for help and sometimes it is as a result of one or both parents deciding the children would benefit from such a therapeutic relationship.

What happens, however, if the child’s parents end up … Read more

Introducing your New Partner

by Peter Magee on August 12, 2014

Peter Magee

Regardless of the circumstances, separation is difficult. This comes as no surprise. However, what does often come as a surprise is the difficulty of introducing your new partner. A happy time for you and your partner in isolation can turn out to be a very tumultuous time – for your kids, your former partner, and for the happy couple.

Often, … Read more

Peter Magee

In an online article published on on 23 January 2014, Ms Natasha Lee discusses the Federal Government endorsement of a $20 million trial that will see newlyweds provided with $200 vouchers enabling them to attend counselling or educative courses. This trial is scheduled to begin on 1 July this year in an attempt to save unsteady marriages by encouraging … Read more

Couple counselling. What does the law say?

by Peter Magee on February 4, 2012

Peter Magee
You and your partner are facing the prospect of separation. You feel obligated to attend couple counselling before you make the final decision to separate. In what circumstances must you attend couple counselling? Is couple counselling confidential?
Under the family law legislation, the only circumstance that requires couple counselling is where married couples have been married for two years or … Read more

How family conflict and divorce affects children

by Peter Magee on May 13, 2011

Peter MageeResearchers at the Australian National University have recently conducted a study into the long-term effects on people whose parents divorced when they were children (reported in The Sunday Telegraph 8 May 2011).  The results are disturbing, but not surprising.

Apparently, one in four Australian children experience divorce.  That figure surprised me.  I thought it would be higher, given the … Read more