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Kate Marr Arguably relocation matters are the most difficult cases for a Court to decide the children’s best interest.  The Court has a wide discretion in determining parenting matters, referring to the factors listed in Section 60CC of the Family Law Act.

Considerations that may weaken an application to relocate include the following:

  • The children may spend significant time with both
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Peter Magee

In a recent article, “Women now happy to walk”, Jacquie Hayes makes the argument that women are now more willing to leave relationships due to what has been a general improvement in their financial position.

In the article, published on 11 February 2012 in The Australian Financial Review, Hayes states that, “determining if women are making the break Read more

Collaborative law: Could it work for your divorce?

by Peter Magee on March 28, 2011

Peter MageeSeveral of our family lawyers have recently completed collaborative law training, with the rest of the Armstrong Legal family lawyers to be trained within the next few months.

Collaborative law is a new method for resolving disputes.  It is not litigation, nor is it mediation.  Rather, collaborative law involves each party having their own lawyer and the two clients and … Read more

Family court backlog leaves lives in limbo

by Peter Magee on December 6, 2010

In an article from Western Australia on its Family Court claims that families are waiting for an average of two years to have their disputes go to trial and cites that there is a current back log of approximately 600 cases awaiting trial in that Court.  Unfortunately the delay to having a case heard does not include the time it … Read more

Douglas’ ex clashing over Wall Street cash

by Kate Marr on November 26, 2010

Kate Marr, Family LawyerIt was recorded in The West Australian recently that Michael Douglas’ role in the sequel to Wall Street had reopened property proceedings in relation to his divorce from Diandra Douglas that was finalised in 2000.

Diandra Douglas filed an application in a New York Court claiming she is entitled to half of Michael Douglas’ earnings from “Wall Street: Money Never … Read more

When can I see my grandchildren?

by Peter Magee on October 7, 2010

Peter Magee
Your son or daughter is getting divorced. After the news sinks in, your thoughts turn to your grandchildren. It’s not fair that they should suffer. Will you be allowed to give them the support you know they need? Will your relationship with them change? What will your role in their lives be? Will you even be allowed to see them?… Read more