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In a controversial case before the New South Wales Supreme Court, a Judge has concluded that having a sperm donor’s name on a birth certificate would save pain later.

On 28 June 2011, Zoe Paterson, a solicitor from our office, published a blog titled “Lesbian and sperm donor fight for child”.  That blog commented on a case which was … Read more

How the Tiger grounding affected separated parents

by Peter Magee on August 9, 2011

Peter Magee
Just before the last Victorian and New South Wales school holidays started, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority grounded the Tiger Airways fleet. Whilst this was a huge inconvenience for holiday makers and travellers, there was another group of people who were significantly affected by the airline’s grounding – separated parents seeking school holiday time with their children.

Many parents who … Read more

Peter MageeDays like today send a shiver through me. No doubt many family lawyers feel the same way.

The discovery of a couple murdered on the Gold Coast and a five year old girl missing, feared kidnapped, had the hallmarks of a desperate and tragic family breakdown. This morning’s confirmation that the body of Kayla Rogers and her father had also … Read more

Desperate Dad scales Sydney Harbour Bridge

by Peter Magee on May 13, 2011

Peter Magee

Frustration would have been the emotion affecting many commuters this morning.  Many Sydney-siders waited in a horrendous traffic jam as one man in the midst of a family law dispute, abseiled down the Sydney Harbour Bridge, placing banners in protest of what he claims to be “systematic failures” which he alleges have caused unacceptable delays to him spending any time … Read more

Peter MageeAn article titled “More Mothers Paying Child Support” was published in The Age on 11 March 2011.  This article talks about how women are increasingly paying child support to fathers.

The article says that more than 50,000 fathers are registered with the Child Support Agency as full time custodial parents and just over 100,000 women are paying child support.

This … Read more

Bosses are tough on Dads who care

by Peter Magee on September 21, 2010

Peter Magee

Relationships Australia Vice President, Anne Hollonds, commented in the Manly Daily recently that employers are tough on fathers who need to care for children. The comment was made in the context of the conflict facing working fathers in modern society. Although today there is more support for hands-on parenting by fathers, the pressure to provide financially makes it practically difficult … Read more