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De Facto or Married?

by Michelle McDermott on May 22, 2015

Michelle McDermott

I read a rather funny article recently by Becky Dickinson on the Parentdish UK website as to why the author does not think that she needs to be married. The reasons may resonate with many of you out there in “Blog Land”.

To clarify, in the UK parties who live together but are not married are called “cohabitees”. Here in … Read more

Peter Magee

In an article published in “The Australian” on 23 April 2014, Nicola Berkovic reports that “De facto couples – even those who have a child and live together – have a significant social, financial and emotional difference to married couples.”

In the article called “De facto couples have difference to married counterparts, judge says” Berkovic reports that in one case … Read more

UK considering no-fault divorce?

by Michelle McDermott on June 20, 2014

Michelle McDermott

Could it be true? Could the UK finally follow Australia’s lead 40 years later to introduce ‘no fault’ divorce which is completely separate from the determination of financial and children’s matters? Well, hooray for UK Judge, Sir James Munby, who recently suggested that “fault” as the basis for divorce was outmoded. I could not agree more. Having practised family law … Read more