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Divorce Proceedings

When To Hide Your Money In Divorce/Separation Proceedings

by Peter Magee on November 12, 2015

Peter Magee

NEVER! One of the worst things that can possibly happen in property proceedings in the family law court is for a Judge to make a finding of 'non-disclosure' against you. Basically, do not hide ‘stuff’ (i.e. money and other assets) and do not lie about what you have got. Doing so is a failure to 'disclose' (or 'reveal') your assets … Read more

$4.8 Billion Divorce Pay Out

by Peter Magee on September 2, 2014

Peter Magee

Ninemsn reported on 20 May 2014 that a “Russian billionaire has been ordered to pay more than $4.8 billion to his ex-wife to settle a six-year divorce battle.”

In the article, titled “Billionaire’s wife awarded $4.8 billion in divorce battle” Ninemsn report that the Geneva court found that the owner of French football team AS Monaco, Dimitry … Read more