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Dad Wins Case When Twins Won’t Take Job

by Peter Magee on October 31, 2014

Peter Magee

In an article published in the Telegraph, Court Reporter Padraic Murphy reports “Dad wins case when twins won’t take jobs”.

Murphy reports: “Twins who refused to work while they went to university have been stripped of some of the child maintenance paid by their father.”

The pair of twins aged 20 even refused a well paid offer of work organised … Read more

Young and Divorced

by Peter Magee on January 23, 2013

Peter Magee

In an article called “Young, Beautiful and Divorced” published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 23 September 2012, Nina Karnikowski, discusses divorce of those in their twenties.

Ms Karnikowski states that although “no one enters marriage anticipating divorce, especially not within the first few years,” statistics show that the younger the person marries, the more likely they are to divorce. Read more