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Domestic Violence

Family Court Decisions Can Lead to Diabolic Situations

by Peter Magee on October 17, 2016

Rhiannon Noble

Family violence is unfortunately something that arises in family law matters frequently and in more recent times has become an aspect of the family law system that has been widely criticised in the media. For example, I recently came across an article in the Age newspaper entitled “Family Court decisions can lead to ‘diabolic’ situations, says Rosie Batty”.

You may … Read more

Technology and domestic violence

by Amelia Trotman on August 19, 2016

Amelia Trotman

We all know that the definition of domestic and family violence extends well beyond acts of physical violence and/or threats. Each State has their own legislation dealing specifically with domestic violence and in addition, the Family Law Act 1975 defines ‘family violence’ as being any behaviour that ‘coerces or controls a member of the person’s family’ or causes that person … Read more

Women As The Perpetrator Of Family Violence

by Kate Marr on July 19, 2016

Kate Marr

The terms family violence or domestic abuse are readily put out there in news headlines, Facebook news feeds, and newspaper articles. There is even a government funded advertisement campaign in relation to family violence where advertisements are shown at primetime on our television screens.

What is ordinarily put out there though is the perception that family violence is perpetrated by … Read more

Felicity Reeman

There are so many considerations that male and female victims of domestic violence are forced to contemplate when making the decision to leave their violent partner. Where will I stay? How will I afford to leave from day to day? How will I keep my children safe? What can I do with my dog? I’m worried that if I keep … Read more

Daniel Rod

In the recent matter of Olson & Samuel [2016] FCCA 503 the Court permitted the mother to relocate from Darwin to Sydney with the children.

The mother sought to relocate to Sydney on the basis of the Father’s continuous severe violence and threats of violence towards her. In contrast, the Father sought an Order for the children to continue to … Read more

Felicity Reeman

On 24 September 2015, the federal Government gave $100 million in funding to combat domestic violence in Australia. The funding, whilst inevitably not enough, is most certainly a step in the right direction in the war against violence women.

It beggars belief, however, that our modern nation is compelled to dedicate such extensive resources towards fighting domestic violence. How have … Read more

Peter Magee

Hitting Home by Sarah Ferguson, a documentary which investigates family violence at the harsh coalface. The two part series takes the viewer on a challenging and confronting journey into a women’s refuge in Sydney’s inner-west equipped with 24 hour video surveillance and sensor alarms, a local Court room in which a victim of domestic violence is forced to confront her … Read more

Boy, 4, ordered to visit ice dad

by Natasha Heathcote on February 17, 2016

Natasha Heathcote

The Australian reported on 1 October 2015 that a four-year-old boy was ordered to spend time with his father notwithstanding his use of the drug ice and evidence of him serving jail time for an incident where he allegedly threatened the mother with a shotgun.

Whilst the article makes out that the father is dangerous and the child is spending … Read more

The Domestic Violence Epidemic

by Amelia Trotman on January 23, 2016

Amelia Trotman

In recent months the horrific acts of domestic violence that have been reported in the media, resulting in two deaths in Queensland in three days, has shocked the community and seemingly spurred both State and Federal politicians in to action.

Domestic Violence appears to have reached epidemic proportions in Australia with an average of one woman being killed every week. … Read more

Real men don’t hit women

by Natasha Heathcote on January 21, 2016

Natasha Heathcote

The Prime Minister has announced $100 million funding to combat family violence. We have all heard of the recent tragedies that have rocked our nation, of women dying at the hands of their partners or former partners.

Last week Malcolm Turnbull announced that he wants to change the national culture of “disrespecting women”. The new $100million package has been unveiled … Read more