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Children Caught in the Middle Get Their Say

by Peter Magee on May 20, 2014

Zoe Durand

A Child’s Cry for Help to Separated Parents

Separation can be a bitter affair. Love can turn to hate astonishingly quickly. Unfortunately, children are sometimes not shielded from these emotions.

In an article from December 2013 entitled “Child’s school project becomes a plea to the Family Court” Michaela Whitbourn of the Sydney Morning Herald records the plea of an 11 … Read more

Kate Marr

As a Family Lawyer, clients often provide copies of photographs taken of children who may have been returned unbathed, video footage of disputes at changeover or recordings of telephone conversations.

While such evidence may be useful for legal representatives to prepare for a Final Hearing (by giving information about what might have taken place on a particular location, the nature … Read more