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He’s not my son. I won’t pay child support!

by Peter Magee on February 21, 2012

Peter Magee
On 28 November 2011, Nine MSN reported that an Australian mother has been forced to pay her ex-husband almost $13,000 in previously paid child support after the father secretly had a DNA test done and confirmed that he was not the father of his 14 year old son.

In Court, the father stated that he had sought the DNA test … Read more

Father’s Day for divorced Dads

by Peter Magee on August 30, 2011

Peter MageeAre you a separated dad wondering what sort of arrangements you can put in place to see your children on Father’s day?

If you have not yet formalised your arrangements with your former partner, think about including a provision in your parenting plan or consent order for dealing with Father’s Day. Many parents forget to consider ‘special days’ when discussing … Read more

Peter MageeThe question of whether or or not a widow should be able to use her deceased husband’s sperm has been raised in a recent Supreme Court case, where Justice Hulme found that widow Jocelyn Edwards had property rights to the deceased Mark Edward’s sperm.  This has allowed Jocelyn the possibility of using IVF with her deceased husband’s sperm.

However, while … Read more

Peter MageeAn article titled “More Mothers Paying Child Support” was published in The Age on 11 March 2011.  This article talks about how women are increasingly paying child support to fathers.

The article says that more than 50,000 fathers are registered with the Child Support Agency as full time custodial parents and just over 100,000 women are paying child support.

This … Read more

New family violence laws: do they let men down?

by Peter Magee on April 15, 2011

Peter Magee
My daughter Emma, who has strong feelings about this issue, penned the following :

I don’t normally spend my free time writing vitriolic articles about women, but reading the tirade that was the cover article of the Sydney Morning Herald, on April 7 “She once escaped a killer – under today’s laws she would still be trapped” prompted heated … Read more

New paid parental leave is flexible and fair

by Peter Magee on April 8, 2011

Peter MageeFinally, Australians are now able to receive paid parental leave as of 1 January 2011.  The Government is offering parents 18 weeks paid parental leave of $570 per week, (equivalent to the minimum wage in Australia).  Either Mum or Dad can take the leave or share the 18 weeks between them.

These laws finally bring Australia into line with the … Read more

Sperm donor kids seek rights

by Peter Magee on March 3, 2011

Peter MageeChildren conceived by sperm donation often  face identity problems when they grow up because of a lack of information about their genetic heritage.

The problem was highlighted in the Brisbane Courier Mail late last year which reported on a man, now 36 who was conceived by sperm donation. After becoming a father himself, he feels that his missing genetic identity … Read more

Can a DNA test affect child support payments?

by Peter Magee on February 11, 2011

“I have paid child support for  seventeen years
and I just found out that I’m not her fat
declared a man in the Federal Magistrate’s Court last year.

Peter Magee

If a father has paid child support and later finds out that he is not the child’s biological father, can he recover this money? This recent Australian case heard by the … Read more

Peter Magee
The New South Wales government is due to consider proposed laws in relation to surrogacy – that is a woman carrying and giving birth to a baby for another person or a couple.  The proposed laws will maintain that commercial surrogacy, that is a surrogacy arrangement for money, is illegal. (SMH 28/09/10)

Rather, the laws will deal with the rights … Read more

Bosses are tough on Dads who care

by Peter Magee on September 21, 2010

Peter Magee

Relationships Australia Vice President, Anne Hollonds, commented in the Manly Daily recently that employers are tough on fathers who need to care for children. The comment was made in the context of the conflict facing working fathers in modern society. Although today there is more support for hands-on parenting by fathers, the pressure to provide financially makes it practically difficult … Read more