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Peter Magee
On 27 January 2012, Attorney General Nicola Roxon delivered a media release which stated that as of 1 February 2012 there were to be certificates of no known impediment to marriage issued for same sex couples.

“The important change will allow same sex couples to take part in overseas marriage ceremonies, and be considered married according to the laws of Read more

Time for a new definition of marriage?

by Peter Magee on December 24, 2011

Peter Magee
Recent polls show that a majority of Australians are in support of gay marriage. Yet to date, the Government has not acted on community opinion and legalised gay marriage.

The Marriage Act 1961 defines “marriage” as “the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”. As the divorce rate in … Read more

In a controversial case before the New South Wales Supreme Court, a Judge has concluded that having a sperm donor’s name on a birth certificate would save pain later.

On 28 June 2011, Zoe Paterson, a solicitor from our office, published a blog titled “Lesbian and sperm donor fight for child”.  That blog commented on a case which was … Read more

Same sex marriage and family law

by Peter Magee on July 12, 2011

Peter MageeRecently, the issue of same sex marriage has received increased publicity.  A large rally took place in Sydney for equal marriage rights on Saturday 21 May.  In support of the rally “Australian Marriage Equality”, a body that supports equal marriage rights, published a fairly extensive brochure on the topic.

The brochure states that there is increased support for gay and … Read more

Lesbians and sperm donor fight for child

by Peter Magee on June 28, 2011

Peter Magee

On 25 May 2011 The Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Natasha Wallace called “Mother of all Battles as Sperm Donor Fights for Child”.

The article tells how (name withheld) donated sperm ten years ago to a lesbian couple (names withheld).  The agreement was that (name withheld) would have some involvement in the child’s life. Exactly what his involvement … Read more