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High Court Overturns A.C.T. Legislation on Same Sex Marriage

by Michelle McDermott on December 13, 2013

Michelle McDermott

The High Court has today handed down its decision in respect of the ACT’s legislation permitting same-sex marriage. As expected, the ACT legislation was overturned.

The High Court found that the ACT law provided for marriage equality for same sex couples. As such, the legislation could not operate alongside federal laws as only the federal parliament had the power under … Read more

Peter Magee
A recent High Court decision about which parent a child should live and spend time with has caused some furore in the press (SMH 14/09/10).

When the Family Law Act was amended in 2006 to introduce changes to the laws in relation to parenting, many parents misunderstood those so-called “shared care” laws as meaning that children would now have to … Read more