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Should I leave the family home?

by Peter Magee on August 11, 2016

Peter Magee

Do I have to leave the family home during separation?

The family home, also known as the matrimonial or relationship home, is often the most important and valuable asset that separating parties own.

The family home is not only the most financially valuable asset; it often holds a sentimental value for many people. Further, if there are children involved, the … Read more

Keeping the former matrimonial home

by Kate Marr on October 1, 2012

Kate Marr

The Sydney Morning Herald, on 4 September 2012, reported a husband being ordered by the Family Court to dig up his parents ashes that were buried in the garden of the family farm.

The Family Court ordered that the wife retain the former matrimonial home and the husband demolish the memorial garden he had established at the property, which included … Read more