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Kate Marr

An article in the Herald Sun on 1 July 2016 reported that a wealthy Melbourne Real Estate Director has been accused of collusion, after a mansion sold for $8 million after the finalisation of a property settlement (whereby the Real Estate Director valued the property $3.13 million less, just eight months prior).

The Wife agreed to a property settlement for … Read more

Bree Staines

Separation is difficult and exhausting. Separation when you have children is more difficult, exhausting, and emotional.

But if you are separating in Sydney, you can add “expensive” to the list of adjectives used to describe separation. The median house price has increased by almost $200,000 in a year or 22.9 per cent, which is one of the highest annual growth … Read more

Peter Magee

Whether it be assisting their kids make the transition from renter to owner, saying congratulations on tying the knot, a general sense of parental obligation, or a last ditched attempt to reclaim some space in their family home, a growing number of parents are doing what they can to assist their children purchase their first home.

And according to a … Read more