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Peter Magee
On 27 January 2012, Attorney General Nicola Roxon delivered a media release which stated that as of 1 February 2012 there were to be certificates of no known impediment to marriage issued for same sex couples.

“The important change will allow same sex couples to take part in overseas marriage ceremonies, and be considered married according to the laws of Read more

Same sex marriage. The arguments against are flawed.

by Peter Magee on December 4, 2011

Peter MageeAn article titled “Time To Say ‘I do’ To Same Sex Weddings” was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 8 August 2011.

The article was written by Madeleine Boxall and discussed the issue of same sex marriage, strongly arguing that forbidding same sex marriage was a form of prejudice against gay and lesbian people.  The article refers to … Read more

Peter MageeThe question of whether or or not a widow should be able to use her deceased husband’s sperm has been raised in a recent Supreme Court case, where Justice Hulme found that widow Jocelyn Edwards had property rights to the deceased Mark Edward’s sperm.  This has allowed Jocelyn the possibility of using IVF with her deceased husband’s sperm.

However, while … Read more

Surrogacy laws passed through NSW Parliament

by Peter Magee on November 22, 2010

Laws giving parents of children born through surrogacy legal recognition have been passed by NSW parliament.  Under these laws, couples will be able to apply to the court for orders which recognise their parental responsibility for children born though surrogacy.  Previously such rights were only able to be recognised through either adoption or a sharing of parental responsibility.

The new … Read more

Why lawyers hate prenups

by Peter Magee on November 19, 2010

A recent article by Janet Fife-Weomans in the Daily Telegraph suggests that up to one in ten couples is locking their wealth away from loved ones with a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements have only been available in Australia for approximately ten years and while I agree with Ms Fife-Weomans reporting in the article that ‘there used to be a trickle … Read more

Peter Magee
The New South Wales government is due to consider proposed laws in relation to surrogacy – that is a woman carrying and giving birth to a baby for another person or a couple.  The proposed laws will maintain that commercial surrogacy, that is a surrogacy arrangement for money, is illegal. (SMH 28/09/10)

Rather, the laws will deal with the rights … Read more

Divorce after fifty

by Peter Magee on September 15, 2010

Peter Magee
After 40 years of marriage, former US Vice President, Al Gore, has separated from his wife, Tipper.  Al Gore is aged 62 and his wife 61 years.  They have four adult children.

This highly public “Baby Boomer’ separation has led to a flurry of comments in the US about the unique issues facing older couples when they separate.  While the … Read more

Shared care. Good, bad or ugly?

by Peter Magee on September 10, 2010

Peter Magee

Ever since the 2006 reforms to the parenting laws in the Family Law Act, the issue of shared care or equal time has been a complicated one, that always touches a nerve, whichever “side” of the debate you might be coming from.
A report has recently been released, following a federal government funded investigation into the impact of parenting law … Read more

In an opinion piece published in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald entitled “Shacking up is hard to do: Why Gillard may be leery of the lodge”, Bettina Arndt questions the appropriateness of Prime Minister Julia Gillard taking up residence in the Lodge with her de facto partner of four years, Tim Mathieson. Arndt labels such relationships as “unstable”, “risky” and “dubious … Read more