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Same sex marriage and family law

by Peter Magee on July 12, 2011

Peter MageeRecently, the issue of same sex marriage has received increased publicity.  A large rally took place in Sydney for equal marriage rights on Saturday 21 May.  In support of the rally “Australian Marriage Equality”, a body that supports equal marriage rights, published a fairly extensive brochure on the topic.

The brochure states that there is increased support for gay and … Read more

Australia is fertile ground for IVF

by Peter Magee on January 7, 2011

There has been a 45% jump in the number of babies born through IVF and other treatments assisting conception between 2004 and 2008.

According to the Fertility Society of Australia, 3.3% of Australians have been born through fertility treatments.  Professor Gab Kovacs says “IVF has become very socially acceptable now.  When we first started doing IVF 30 years ago people Read more

Peter Magee
The New South Wales government is due to consider proposed laws in relation to surrogacy – that is a woman carrying and giving birth to a baby for another person or a couple.  The proposed laws will maintain that commercial surrogacy, that is a surrogacy arrangement for money, is illegal. (SMH 28/09/10)

Rather, the laws will deal with the rights … Read more

In an opinion piece published in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald entitled “Shacking up is hard to do: Why Gillard may be leery of the lodge”, Bettina Arndt questions the appropriateness of Prime Minister Julia Gillard taking up residence in the Lodge with her de facto partner of four years, Tim Mathieson. Arndt labels such relationships as “unstable”, “risky” and “dubious … Read more