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Peter Magee

In May 2014, ninemsn reported that: “A Queensland man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple will have his name removed from their children’s birth certificates in a first for the state.”

The article called, “Gay couple will both be listed as child’s parents” reports that the biological mother’s de facto partner, not the biological father, will be recorded as … Read more

Sperm Donor or Dad?

by Kerry White on February 21, 2014

Kerry White

Doing a friend a favour could cost you…………

A US court has held that a man who provided sperm to a lesbian couple and who had entered into a contract to the effect that he would not have any financial obligation towards the support of the child, is the child’s parent and as such responsible for the financial support of … Read more

In a controversial case before the New South Wales Supreme Court, a Judge has concluded that having a sperm donor’s name on a birth certificate would save pain later.

On 28 June 2011, Zoe Paterson, a solicitor from our office, published a blog titled “Lesbian and sperm donor fight for child”.  That blog commented on a case which was … Read more

Peter MageeThe question of whether or or not a widow should be able to use her deceased husband’s sperm has been raised in a recent Supreme Court case, where Justice Hulme found that widow Jocelyn Edwards had property rights to the deceased Mark Edward’s sperm.  This has allowed Jocelyn the possibility of using IVF with her deceased husband’s sperm.

However, while … Read more

Lesbians and sperm donor fight for child

by Peter Magee on June 28, 2011

Peter Magee

On 25 May 2011 The Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Natasha Wallace called “Mother of all Battles as Sperm Donor Fights for Child”.

The article tells how (name withheld) donated sperm ten years ago to a lesbian couple (names withheld).  The agreement was that (name withheld) would have some involvement in the child’s life. Exactly what his involvement … Read more

Sperm donor kids seek rights

by Peter Magee on March 3, 2011

Peter MageeChildren conceived by sperm donation often  face identity problems when they grow up because of a lack of information about their genetic heritage.

The problem was highlighted in the Brisbane Courier Mail late last year which reported on a man, now 36 who was conceived by sperm donation. After becoming a father himself, he feels that his missing genetic identity … Read more