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Why lawyers hate prenups

by Peter Magee on November 19, 2010

A recent article by Janet Fife-Weomans in the Daily Telegraph suggests that up to one in ten couples is locking their wealth away from loved ones with a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements have only been available in Australia for approximately ten years and while I agree with Ms Fife-Weomans reporting in the article that ‘there used to be a trickle … Read more

Will divorce send you broke?

by Peter Magee on October 11, 2010

According to an ongoing study conducted in the US, the old adage “if you get divorced, you give your spouse half” is actually wishful thinking.  The true figure according to a study by research scientist Jay Zagorsky of the Ohio State University Centre for Human Resources Research, is more like three quarters.

In his study, Zagorsky has been tracking the … Read more