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Peter Magee

Consent Orders for property settlement matters are designed to effect a clean financial break between former spouses and de facto partners. They are intended to be “once and for all” arrangement in respect of parties’ assets, liabilities, superannuation and financial resources.

Once the Consent Orders are issued they have the same effect as a court order made by a Judge … Read more

Peter Magee

A fair percentage of Australian’s will travel and work overseas at some stage of their life. As a result many Australian’s will have an overseas superannuation or pension entitlement. Australian’s who have migrated from overseas may also have an overseas superannuation or pension entailment.

Since 2002 Australian “superannuation interests” are treated as property and can be divided on the breakdown … Read more

Act fast to protect your super when divorcing

by Peter Magee on June 19, 2012

Peter Magee

If you are due to receive a lump sum property settlement, what can you do to protect that asset (cash, a property or superannuation) from being spent before you receive it?

The Canberra Times reported on 29 March 2012 in an article titled ‘Super spend lands husband in jail’, on a Federal Magistrates Court case in NSW. In … Read more

What happens to my super when we separate?

by Peter Magee on March 20, 2012

Peter Magee
Have you ever wondered in what way superannuation is relevant to your property settlement? You are not alone. Many people contemplating separating from their spouse or de facto partner (or who have recently separated) ask this question: “Is my super taken into account in my property settlement? Is my spouse/ de facto partner entitled to some of my super? ” Read more

Can you afford to get divorced?

by Peter Magee on September 20, 2011

Peter MageeMany spouses believe that they can’t afford to leave an unhappy marriage. In Canberra, the divorce capital of Australia, some are finding that certain government superannuation schemes make separation a more practical proposition.

An article in Sunday’s Canberra times (14.08.2011) found that Canberra has the highest divorce rate in Australia (almost double the national average). This may have several causes:… Read more

Hidden traps. How your ex can benefit from your will.

by Peter Magee on February 17, 2011

Peter MageeAll too often a family law property settlement concludes with what appears to be a final resolution for all parties involved but in reality contains some unassuming landmines which remain latent until the unexpected occurs.

It is more and more common and, in fact, essential for family law clients to update their wills with their lawyers and update their beneficiary … Read more