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Peter Magee

In many family law case involving children, there are allegations made that either one or both of the parents pose a risk of some sort to their children. So much so that it is now mandatory in every court application involving children that each party file a Notice of Risk setting out the alleged risk the other parent poses to … Read more

Peter Magee

Admittedly, I enjoy listening to Chris Brown’s music and his dancing/choreography reminds me of Michael Jackson back in the 80's. But, I am not a fan of his antics. As talented as he is, it is hard to support a man who has been violent against his partner.

We all know about Chris Brown’s sordid history with his former girlfriend … Read more

Leaving a Violent Relationship

by Peter Magee on March 13, 2014

Peter Magee

Making the decision to separate from your partner is difficult for most people, let alone when you have experienced physical violence or other forms of family violence including economic and/or social control, emotional abuse or verbal abuse.

Most people will be aware of at least three recent cases in the media where family violence appears to have played a role. … Read more

Kate Marr

Section 61DA(1) of the Family Law Act requires that the Court, when making a parenting Order to apply a presumption that is in the best interest of the child for the parents to have equal shared parental responsibility for the child.  This presumption, however, does not apply in cases where there are reasonable grounds to believe that a parent has … Read more

Cruelty to pets: a sign of family violence?

by Peter Magee on April 29, 2011

Peter MageeAn article titled “Compulsory Reporting of Animal Abuse in Family Court Cases” was published in UC Student on 8 April 2011.  The article discussed proposed amendments to the Family Law Act which expand the meaning of “family violence” and focused on how animal abuse may form part of this expanded definition.

In addition it is proposed that the term … Read more

Post image for Wife gets a bigger divorce payout because she claimed abuse

The Family Court has taken into account ongoing domestic violence a wife endured and the post traumatic stress she suffered at the hands of her husband when determining a property settlement. (Sydney Morning Herald 15 June 2010)
The couple had been together for about seven years before marrying in 2003. They separated in 2005. The husband had assaulted the … Read more