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Man ordered to pay wife for lack of sex

by Kate Marr on October 11, 2011

Kate Marr, Family LawyerOn 6 September 2011 an article was published on the ninemsn website regarding a woman in France being successful in suing her husband in the amount of $13,000 because he did not have sex with her for “several years”.

The website reports that the woman claimed that her husband neglected his matrimonial duties to her over the course of their … Read more

New family violence laws: do they let men down?

by Peter Magee on April 15, 2011

Peter Magee
My daughter Emma, who has strong feelings about this issue, penned the following :

I don’t normally spend my free time writing vitriolic articles about women, but reading the tirade that was the cover article of the Sydney Morning Herald, on April 7 “She once escaped a killer – under today’s laws she would still be trapped” prompted heated … Read more

Woman gets $3.2 million from ex-hubby’s lottery win

by Kate Marr on November 29, 2010

It’s happening again! My last post  discussed Michael Douglas’ ex wife fighting for a share of his earnings from his latest film, despite them having been divorced for over 10 years.

Now an article published on ninemsn on 23 November 2010, states that a UK man who won $90 million in the lottery was ordered by a UK court to … Read more

Douglas’ ex clashing over Wall Street cash

by Kate Marr on November 26, 2010

Kate Marr, Family LawyerIt was recorded in The West Australian recently that Michael Douglas’ role in the sequel to Wall Street had reopened property proceedings in relation to his divorce from Diandra Douglas that was finalised in 2000.

Diandra Douglas filed an application in a New York Court claiming she is entitled to half of Michael Douglas’ earnings from “Wall Street: Money Never … Read more

Husband seeks annulment due to wife’s fake fortune

by Peter Magee on October 15, 2010

For centuries wedding vows have contained the term “for richer, for poorer”.  For most people those terms refer to the couples’ future financial fortunes.  That was not the interpretation a husband recently tried to apply to his vows when he found out that his wife’s wealth was significantly less than he had believed.

He made an application to the Family … Read more