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Lesbians and sperm donor fight for child

by Peter Magee on June 28, 2011

Peter Magee

On 25 May 2011 The Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Natasha Wallace called “Mother of all Battles as Sperm Donor Fights for Child”.

The article tells how (name withheld) donated sperm ten years ago to a lesbian couple (names withheld).  The agreement was that (name withheld) would have some involvement in the child’s life. Exactly what his involvement … Read more

Hidden traps. How your ex can benefit from your will.

by Peter Magee on February 17, 2011

Peter MageeAll too often a family law property settlement concludes with what appears to be a final resolution for all parties involved but in reality contains some unassuming landmines which remain latent until the unexpected occurs.

It is more and more common and, in fact, essential for family law clients to update their wills with their lawyers and update their beneficiary … Read more