Taking a child with medical problems to see their other parent

by Peter Magee on March 13, 2012

Peter Magee

Does your child have a medical condition that makes it difficult for them to travel long distances? Does the other parent live a long way from you so that long hours in the car is a must to meet them for changeover? It is very common that children suffer from medical conditions which mean it is difficult for them to travel for long periods of time, i.e. if a child wears a brace. A child’s medical problems is often an issue in parenting matters where the parents live long distances from each other and end up in court because they can’t agree on the parenting arrangements such as where changeover will be.
What evidence would you need in litigation to prove that it is not in a child’s best interests to travel long distances, i.e. for several hours in a car, due to their medical condition? A starting point to gather evidence about whether long distance travel is in the child’s best interests is more than likely to be the child’s treating doctor, for example their specialist ear, nose and throat surgeon.
If you are interested in finding out more information about expert evidence, exactly what evidence is needed to support your position, and how to go about obtaining it and any other family law advice. please call our team to speak to a competent family lawyer.

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