Trend of fathers spending more time with children

by Kate Marr on September 14, 2012

Kate Marr

A recent article titled “Fathers want more time with children” published by CCH on 30 August 2012, speaks about the increasing trend of fathers seeking more flexible employment arrangements, that gives them increased opportunity to spend more time with their children rather than earning a higher income.

Traditionally, it could be argued, that women primarily take on the role of parent and homemaker. However, it seems from recent studies described in the paper, that fathers now want to be involved in such responsibilities and placing their children as their number one priority, that is increasingly impacting on their decisions as to what employment positions they accept.

The paper states that more than 84% of fathers believe it is very important to be involved in and present in their child’s life and that almost 50% of fathers (with children up to 17 years of age) volunteer to help an organisation, particularly sporting groups.

If you would like to seek advice in relation to spending an increased amount of time with your children, giving you the opportunity to spend time with your children during the week to undertake the “everyday” type tasks, please do not hesitate to contact one of our family lawyers.

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