Woman gets $3.2 million from ex-hubby’s lottery win

by Kate Marr on November 29, 2010

It’s happening again! My last post  discussed Michael Douglas’ ex wife fighting for a share of his earnings from his latest film, despite them having been divorced for over 10 years.

Now an article published on ninemsn on 23 November 2010, states that a UK man who won $90 million in the lottery was ordered by a UK court to share his winnings with his ex wife, who left him for another man 10 years ago.

It is reported that the lottery winner offered to give his ex wife (who was the primary carer of their 13 year old daughter) an amount of $1.6 million. Instead, the ex wife started court proceedings seeking a greater amount. The Court awarded the ex wife a lump of $3.2 million.

The article claims that the husband has always financially provided for their daughter even at times when he was out of work.  It is believed that the ex wife has received, in addition to the lump sum payment, a massive increase in the child support payments she receives from her ex husband for her daughter.

It is thought to be the first ex spouse to have been awarded a slice of a divorcees’ post separation winnings.

Let’s hope that this case does not open the flood gates for other ex spouses to commence proceedings against those who have been fortunate enough to win a significant amount of money or to work hard to earn an increased income since separation.

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